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Almeerse bottelaarspassage


September 2021


The Bottelaarpassage in the centre of Almere Stad has a new owner. Urban Interest has sold the shopping area to the new owner Palu Retail Fund CV. An amount has not been disclosed.

De Bottelaarspassage

Urban Interest has sold the Almeerse Bottelaarpassage to Palu Retail Fund C.V. The purchase was financed by OIMIO and the PROPERTY & FINANCE advised the new owner in the transaction. Mr. Demir of Palu Retail Fund C.V. says that the acquisition fits well within the fund's strategy, because of the location and the mix of users.

The Bottelaarpassage offers a variety of 40 shops and is located in the centre of Almere with a total area of 6,300 square meters. The shopping arcade is home to many smaller independent businesses that enrich Almere's city center, where mostly larger retail concerns are located.


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