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Types of loans that we provide

  • Investment loans

    Investing in real estate with a good initial yield. We provide financing with maturities of up to 5 years for the acquisition or refinancing of existing portfolios.

  • Construction loans

    For the construction of residential units, logistics or other types of real estate, we provide construction financing to make the realization or transformation of your project possible.

  • Bridge loans

    Financing is available with maturities starting at 12 months. These could for example be used to bridge the development of a major renovation or transformation.

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Types of commercial real estate we finance

  • Picture Placeholder


    A pleasant working environment is important for everyone. Perhaps partly from home and partly in the office. Good accessibility, a pleasant working climate and good facilities are certainly important for an enjoyable working experience.

  • Winkel Financiering


    Investing in a lively city center or an attractive local district shopping center? Besides shopping, the experience is becoming increasingly important to this change in function of a city center or a local district center.

  • Bedrijfsmatig

    Light industrial

    The market for small production facilities and storage is unique because of the diversity of sectors and users. These users are often closely linked to local economic activities and SMEs - the engine of the Dutch economy - are strongly represented.

  • Logistiek Financiering


    Due to the rapidly increasing acceptance of online shopping, the market for large-scale storage facilities is booming. But how can we best organize the last-mile?

  • Hotel


    COVID-19 has had a major impact on the hotel market. The market for private individuals and tourists will most likely come out of this crisis easier than hotels active in the business segment.

  • Wonen


    The shortage of good affordable housing is becoming ever greater and more visible. New buildings and transformations must provide new supply, but that will take a long term view.

  • Parkeren Financiering


    In more and more municipalities, underground parking is part of an active policy to make the inner city more attractive and accessible.

  • Zorg


    The increasing ageing of the population makes good care and living concepts increasingly important. Primary care is also increasingly being offered by private parties and one no longer needs to go to hospital for this.

  • Gemengd

    Mixed portfolios

    As an investor, it can be interesting to invest in mixed-use properties or to spread your investments over several types of assets. These portfolios can also serve as collateral for financing.

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Our approach

  • Swift clarity on feasibility

    We provide you with swift clarity on the feasibility of a financing application. You immediately know which possibilities are open to you.

  • Fast closing processes

    We apply efficient processes. No red tape and long waiting times, but a short turnaround time to ensure a smooth transaction.

  • Personal approach

    Our relationship managers are always available and happy to visit you to discuss financing options.

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