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Property financier OIMIO grows to EUR 250 million

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As part of NIBC Bank, OIMIO targets the mid-market segment (EUR2.5 million - EUR15 million) with real estate financing. The new initiative was launched just before the first lockdown in 2020 and has now reached the quarter billion milestone.

Stable growth

OIMIO's portfolio is very diverse in terms of property type as well as geographical spread. The loan portfolio consists of financings of office and industrial properties, shopping centres, hotels, car parks and construction financings for newly constructed residential properties. The properties are located throughout the Netherlands, from the Randstad to Groningen and Maastricht. With an average principal of EUR 6.3 million, OIMIO has already welcomed many customers.

Quick clarity and a personal approach

OIMIO distinguishes itself by offering its clients quick clarity on financing options and short lead times. Clients particularly appreciate its personal approach.

Challenging market

These are challenging times in real estate and sharply rising interest rates are forcing the market to rebalance. But it is precisely in challenging times that there are opportunities for entrepreneurs and flexibility is required from a financier. "We finance through the cycle and we want to be a reliable long-term partner for our customers. So we are not growing for the sake of growing, but because we really want to make a difference." said Jeroen Belt, Executive Director of OIMIO.

OIMIO 250 miljoen

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