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OIMIO is changing commercial real estate financing in the Netherlands

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September 2021


Today marks the official launch of OIMIO, a new provider of small commercial real estate loans between EUR 1 and 10 million. OIMIO - an initiative of NIBC Bank - offers a new standard in customer relationship and experience. OIMIO uses technology to serve customers in a smart and efficient way. This enables OIMIO to invest in client relationships and to fully support customers in achieving their ambitions. OIMIO's approach is one without fuss and gives the customer swift response on financing feasibility.

"As OIMIO, we focus on a personal customer relationship. In doing so, we set a new standard in financing small commercial real estate. The financing landscape is changing rapidly, with traditional players moving away from smaller commercial real estate loans. To be there for our customers, we need smart technology, which we use to give swift and clear advice on the possibilities. Technology, however, always has a supporting role in our personal approach to clients and our goal of doing everything we can for their success." Says the founder of OIMIO, Jeroen Belt.

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