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OIMIO has provided more than EUR 100 million in commercial real estate financing

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September 2021

Oimio 100 Miljoen Financiering

Since its launch in January 2020, OIMIO has now provided more than EUR 100 million in financing. OIMIO is an initiative of NIBC Bank, established from the idea that commercial real estate financing in the mid-market segment (EUR 1m - EUR 10m) can be more professional, faster and easier.


The portfolio is very diverse in terms of type of property, but also in terms of geographical spread. The loan portfolio consists of the financing of shopping centres, office and light industrial, hotels, parking and construction financing for new residential properties. The properties are located throughout the Netherlands, from the Randstad conurbation to Groningen and Maastricht. With an average principal amount of EUR 5.2m, OIMIO has already welcomed many clients.

Swift feedback, short turnaround times and a personal approach

Applying for financing at OIMIO is quick, easy and personal. No complicated procedures and long periods of uncertainty, but swift clarity and short lead times. Lucas Luik, relationship manager OIMIO: "We receive many compliments from our clients about our way of working together. That is, of course, something we love to hear."

Vision and ambition

OIMIO is a relatively new financier in the Dutch real estate market. "Our belief is that real estate is about people," says Yusuf Savas. "Therefore, we want to know our clients and understand why the real estate we finance is attractive to its users." OIMIO's ambition is to become the preferred real estate financier for the mid-market segment in the Netherlands. This strong focus allows us to optimise processes and build a scalable model. The portfolio is therefore expected to continue to grow strongly in the coming years.

A smart and personal approach

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