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OIMIO expands it's working area

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February 2022

Vastgoed financieren van 2,5 tot 15 miljoen

OIMIO expands it's working area

The real estate financier focuses on further growth in the mid-market segment of commercial real estate with financings between €2.5-15 million.


In order to serve existing and new clients even better, OIMIO is broadening its services and now focuses on the entire mid-market segment up to €15 million.


OIMIO was founded two years ago to serve part of the market which was less served by existing financing parties. OIMIO grew strongly last year. It has become clear that OIMIO's approach fits well with financing up to €15 million. Partly because of this expansion, OIMIO is fully committed to enabling further growth.


"We see in the market that for financing above €15 million, there is a wide range of parties active, both Dutch and foreign lenders. The segment below is not always served well and that is where our focus lies. The expansion to €15 million in lending is an important step for us to serve our existing and new clients well, now and in the future. With a smart, swift and personal approach", says Jeroen Belt, Executive Director OIMIO.



OIMIO is part of NIBC Bank and focuses on real estate lending in the mid-market segment of € 2.5 - € 15 million. OIMIO provides construction, investment and bridge financing for all types of commercial real estate in the Netherlands.

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