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OIMIO celebrates it's 2nd anniversary!

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February 2022

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OIMIO celebrates it's 2nd anniversary!

It has already been two years since the official launch of OIMIO, started with the belief that clients in the mid-market segment in commercial real estate are also entitled to a swift, professional and personal approach. An approach without long waiting times and bureaucratic processes, but with swift clarity on financing feasibility and one single point of contact. We did not start OIMIO unprepared as clients of OIMIO, part of NIBC Bank, can rely on decades of knowledge and experience within the Dutch real estate market.

In the meantime, the portfolio has grown rapidly and many real estate ambitions have been realised with loans provided by OIMIO. But what type of real estate has been financed the most in the past two years? What was the largest financing, and what was the lowest? And which form of financing was most popular? You can find it all in the infographic below.

Jeroen Belt: "We proudly look back on the past two successful years in which we were able to finance great projects and help entrepreneurs realise their real estate ambitions. We would like to thank all our clients, our network and all our valuable contacts for this first period, and we are looking forward to the coming years in which we want to continue our strong growth with OIMIO!".

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